Christmas in United Kingdom

Christmas in Nineteenth Century

No other people have observed the Christmas season with such wild abandon as the English, and they have been celebrating it for more than a thousand years. According to legend, King Arthur made merrie in York in 521 surrounded by "minstrels, gleemen, harpers, pipe-players, jugglers, and dancers."

Ever since, except for a brief period of Cromwellian rule when Christmas went underground, hearty feasting and merrymaking have been the order of the season.

"For many people, Christmas was reinvented by the Victorian/nineteenth century society," says Countess Maria Hubert von Staufer, Director of Christmas Archives International in the United Kingdom. "It is a popular misconception that Christmas in England was eradicated by the Cromwellians in the seventeenth century and was only reinvented by the Victorians."

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