Christmas Present Ideas

Top Trending Gifts for Men in 2020


When it comes to current trends for Christmas gifts for men (and women, and kids...) in 2020, there is one word on everybodyís list: Apple. iPhones, iPads, iPods... if you fancy shelling out for any of these items then they are certainly popular, versatile and offer usefulness and value that will stretch far beyond Christmas. And with the launch of the iPhone 12 in the run up to Christmas 2020, I donít think that anyone would be surprised to see Apple walking away from this Christmas with a serious wad in their back pocket.

Apple gift ideas

Accessories for Apple products are also huge in this yearís top trends.

The iPhone Virtual Video Glasses could well hit the top spot for the most wanted and bought 2020 Christmas present, and they offer an impressive viewing experience all compactly wrapped around your head!

Also, the Retro iPhone Rotary Style headset is set to be a smash hit. This is basically an old fashioned phone handset attached to a traditional coiled cord that you plug into your mobile phone. People have already been spotted in London walking down the street with these and they are certainly pleasing to the eye! Ahh, old fashioned charm! Another Apple big hitter is the iPhone Pinball Magic console. Basically, itís a tiny pinball table that you click your phone into and youíre away! Itís a further product with a retro feel... we are all getting a little nostalgic perhaps.

And in yet another potential big hit for retro style Apple accessories, lists announcing top trending gifts for men in 2020 are citing the Atari iPad arcade console as a top spot contender. Anyway, in terms of great Christmas gifts for men in 2020, Apple is likely to keep them entertained for a good while...

Christmas Present Ideas

If you are not an Apple fan, or simply like to buck the trends of global homogeny, other tablets, MP3 players, E-readers and cameras are also set to be popular.

Jokey examples of trending gifts include beer dispensing hats and laser-stringed air guitars. More traditional popular choices include watches, manís fragrances, shavers and clothing.

Other great choices can be found among the new craze for photo canvas printing, adding a personal touch and providing a gift that will give joy and trigger memories for years to come. Options when searching for the right gift for your man in the 2020 holiday season extend beyond expensive electronic items and accessories. Whatever you choose, taking the time to pick something personal will always be appreciated.

Christmas Hamper Gifts

Letting the men in your life know that you care doesnít have to be an expensive enterprise, simply finding something that they can enjoy and that will create fun at Christmas will help to provide those happy memories that all the best Christmases are defined by. Many online sites offer fun bits of gadgetry that wonít break the bank and will offer laughs or provide useful functions; itís just a matter of having the time to check through and find the right item for your loved ones, which at Christmas can be a challenge in itself!

If you are in Australia, you can find great Xmas Hampers Australia with Australia's premium Christmas Hampers delivered for free nationwide.

Donít forget that Christmas is to be enjoyed and the most important gift we can all give is a little bit of our time, love and attention.


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